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  • Fly in the air and race across the water with the Hydrofoil mini drone
  • Fly your drone very easily via Bluetooth and Freeflight 3 (Max distance : Range 20 m/65 ft)
  • Embedded mini-camera (Snapshot VGA (480x640) 300,000 pixels)
  • Flash memory 1GB
  • 550mAh battery can last up to nine minutes and is fully chargeable in just 25 minutes
  • Reach up to speeds of 5m/s in the air and 2.7m/s on the water
  • Complete sharp turns in the water without capsizing
  • Removable hydrofoil so it can be used as just a flying drone

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  • Discover Parrot Hydrofoil Drone, one of our second-generation Mini drones. What makes this drone different? This drone can be used to skim across the surface of water as well as being used a conventional quadcopter. Utilising the hydrofoil included, the propellers help it rise up out of the water and allow you to sail along with amazing stability and agility. The 1GB of flash memory built into the drone allow you to capture images as you fly or even sail along making your drone more versatile than before. What is a hydrofoil? A hydrofoil is a lifting surface which operates in water. As the watercraft increases in speed, the hydrofoil elements below the hulls develop enough lift to raise the hull out of the water to greatly reduce hull drag therefore increasing speed and efficiency of the craft. How do I control the drone? The drone is fully controllable through the FreeFlight3 app, which is downloadable from the Apple, Android and Microsoft stores, as well as connecting via Bluetooth to your device.

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